Troubleshooting: New content and changes aren’t visible on the site

Website Pro’s built-in server-side caching is what makes your sites lightning fast. To deliver content as quickly as possible, Website Pro serves up “cached” versions of pages rather than dynamically generating them each time. More on Website Pro caching.

The result is that your Website Pro sites load very fast, however, Website Pro’s built-in caching refreshes every hour. This means that if content changes your users may get the old (cached) version, instead of the latest version.

To combat this, we have added the ability to flush your site cache manually. 

How to manually flush site cache:

To ensure website visitors are always seeing the latest version of your files, go to:

  1. Website Pro dashboard > Overview
  2. Find the Cache section
  3. Then click the Flush Cache button after you make changes. This will clear the cache for your site instantly.



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