Websites move to Google Cloud Platform’s C2 machines

At Vendasta, we’re always looking at new ways to improve website speed and performance for our partners and their customers. We are excited to announce that we have migrated the infrastructure of our Website product to Google Cloud Platform’s next-generation compute-optimized (C2) machines. These state-of-the-art machines are now the hosting infrastructure for all existing Website Standard and Pro websites and the default for any new website created. 

The new C2 machines offer the highest performance per core that the Google Cloud Platform offers and they are optimized for compute-intensive workloads. They are equipped with Intel Scalable Processors and up to 3.8 GHz sustained all-core turbo. They are able to handle even the most demanding WordPress sites built on both Website Standard and Pro. 

We’re making the new machines available for everyone using Vendasta’s Website product. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up eCommerce website on the Standard edition or a large operation using the Pro edition, you’re going to reap the benefits this change has to offer.

How exactly will this impact you? Over the past month, we’ve been extensively testing these new machines and have seen performance improvements of up to 60%! 

Faster Ecommerce

Let’s break this down into a real-world example. For an eCommerce website, you want to ensure your customers are able to purchase items from your store with ease. A big element of this is the ability to check out without running into any latency issues. 

Imagine the difference between a Costco and a small local business. A Costco will have roughly 10-15 checkout lanes, allowing customers to quickly purchase their items. In comparison, a small local business may only have one till which means that customers will have to wait in line longer and potentially leave without purchasing any items. 

With the introduction of these new Google Cloud Platform machines, our Website product can take that small local business and turn them into a massive Costco. Both Website Standard and Pro eCommerce sites can experience 30 simultaneous requests with a response time of just 1.3 seconds. But that’s not all, our Website product has the ability to have upwards of 200 requests without hitting a wall, and boasting a response time of just over 4 seconds. 

Number of checkout lanes (OR the number of simultaneous requests)

How long do I have to stand in line (OR response time)?


1.3 seconds


1.7 seconds


2.4 seconds


4.1 seconds

Unparalleled WordPress performance 

Besides the amazing benefits of eCommerce, here's what else you can expect:

  • Faster load times, without any work or testing required on your part
  • Due to the way the C2 machines work, larger/heavier sites will see greater performance increases
  • Faster load times on the backend, when working in your WordPress admin dashboard.

It’s important that we continue to deliver high-performance WordPress hosting for our partners and their customers. We're proud to say that the results from these changes can already and will continue to be realized as we move forward.

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