Billing for Constant Contact operates using a tiered system. Tiers are based on the number of contacts on an account and are broken down as follows:

Common Questions

How much will I be billed?

As we bill in advance, your first invoice for Constant Contact will cost $8.50. Afterward, Constant Contact’s billing is based on the peak number of contacts an account reached during the previously completed billing cycle.

For example, if you activated Constant Contact on March 13th, we’ll check your usage from March 13th - to April 12th to determine April’s invoice (generated in the first week of May). You’ll always see the base cost of $8.50 on your invoice, with any additional charges for higher tiers or changes in plans.


How long does it take to move between billing tiers?

Typically, you will see any changes to your plan or tier on your next invoice. In some cases, however, it may take up to two months for these changes to be reflected, depending on when the upgrade or downgrade occurred.


Why did my price go up?

Your monthly bill is the combination of the plan you've chosen plus the peak number of contacts reached during the previous billing cycle. If your number of contacts increased during the last billing period, you will be billed for the appropriate plan. 

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