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In Partner Center, several icons will help you navigate the system. See the chart below to learn about what each icon means. 


Icon Description
outline-feedback-24px.svg Send Feedback - This allows you to submit feedback directly to Vendasta.  These ideas directly influence how we develop and expand on our offerings.
outline-help-24px.svg Help - Allows you to access Vendasta's Resource Center, submit a new Support Ticket, or view any of your currently open and previous tickets.
baseline-info-24px.svg Tooltip - Hovering over this icon provides additional insight into the associated feature.
baseline-keyboard_arrow_right-24px.svg ExpandExpands a selection to reveal additional options.
baseline-filter_list-24px.svg FiltersOpen the filters for the current page.
baseline-bookmark-24px.svg Saved Filters - This allows you to save the current filter settings or manage previously saved filters.
baseline-person_add-24px.svg Add User - This allows you to add a user to an account.
baseline-location_on-24px.svg Listing Distribution - Reflects the status of the account's Listing Distribution subscription. Clicking this takes you to "Account Details".
baseline-description-24px.svg View Snapshot Report - View the current Snapshot Report for an account.
baseline-note_add-24px.svg Create Snapshot Report - Create a Snapshot Report for an account that has not yet had one generated. This will continue to update for seven (7) days. Please be aware that a charge will be added to your next bill.
baseline-refresh-24px.svg Refresh Snapshot Report - Refresh the current Snapshot Report, allowing it to update for the next seven (7) days. When greyed out, an active Snapshot Report already exists. Please be aware that a charge will be added to your next bill.

Reputation Management - The account's Reputation Management subscription. This will be one of four colors:

  • Blue - A paid Reputation Management subscription. Clicking this icon will take you into Reputation Management.
  • Purple - A demo Reputation Management subscription. This runs for seven (7) days before expiring and aligns with the Snapshot Report's status.
  • Red - An expired Reputation Management subscription. The account will no longer check for updated listing information or reviews and does not permit information within Reputation Management to be changed.
  • Grey - An inactive Reputation Management subscription.


Local SEO - The account has an active Local SEO subscription.


Social Marketing - This account has an active Social Marketing subscription.

baseline-more_vert-24px.svg Menu - Displays additional options. 
baseline-people-24px.svg Impersonate - Access the platform as the associated salesperson or user. You will see the system exactly as they do.
baseline-toggle_on-24px.svg Toggle On - The corresponding setting is on.
baseline-toggle_off-24px.svg Toggle Off - The corresponding setting is off.
baseline-view_module-24px.svg Grid View - Display items on the page in a grid.
baseline-list-24px.svg List View - Display items on the page in a list.
baseline-search-24px.svg Search - A field that allows you to input search terms.
baseline-create-24px.svg Edit - Edit the associated information.
baseline-clear-24px.svg Clear/Delete - Clear a field or remove information.
baseline-add-24px.svg Add/Enable - Add or enable a feature or item.
baseline-check-24px.svg Enabled - A feature or item is currently enabled.

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