Log Sales Activity in Sales & Success Center

Throughout the sales process, your salespeople should log their communications and create sales opportunities in Sales & Success Center. This will help them understand where to focus their time and effort as their customer list continues to grow.

To log a call, email, or meeting:

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts.
  2. Search for the customer account. Under the account, click Log a call, email, or meeting.
    You will also see this option on the account details page underneath 'Recent Activity.'


  3. Select the type of activity, and indicate if you successfully connected with the customer. 
  4. Add detailed notes about the activity. 
  5. Associate the activity with a sales opportunity, if applicable. 
  6. Indicate if follow-up is required.
    1. If follow-up is required, create a task(s) to follow up on.
  7. Click Add. 

These communications are saved for future reference. Your salespeople can find their previous communications by going to the Account Details page. To access this page, go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts, and click on the account name.

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