The Loop

The Loop allows you to view sales activity across all accounts that are currently assigned to that Salesperson's market. Any time a sales record is added to an account, the activity—including the salesperson and any comments that were left—will appear in the Loop.

The Loop is accessible in the Sales & Success Center by clicking on The Loop in the navigation bar. You can also access it from Partner Center, Sales > The Loop.

While the primary purpose of the Loop is to provide an overview of sales activity made to each account, there are a few other useful features you can take as a Salesperson:

  • Salespeople can like and leave comments on individual sales activity updates. As these comments are visible to the salesperson assigned, these can be a useful tool in communicating suggestions or encouragement on specific accounts/sales records on other accounts in the same market.
  • Sales activity can be filtered based on Account Status, Action Taken, Salesperson, and Market. 


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