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The Academy courses are designed for a broad audience, emphasizing feature highlights and step-by-step processes that enable business owners to adopt the Business App platform, explore product value, and learn growth strategies—all at their own pace. Offering learning courses within the platform provides convenient access, making education more engaging and allowing users to master marketing directly from the platform.

Where can I find the Academy courses in Business App?
An active product is not required to have access. You will be able to access the courses from the Academy card in Business App, or by going to 

mceclip0.pngTo make sure it is enabled for Business App users to see in their dashboard, navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App > Check off 'Academy Courses' > Save.

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How much does it cost?
The course catalog is free for all Business App users.


Business App users can also use the Guides tab in Business App. From here, users can explore a number of guides that walk them through areas to focus on, how to sell, and how to manage their online presence.

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