Vendasta Payments: Recurring Invoices

The Recurring Invoice functionality has been discontinued for new Partners. Please familiarize yourself with the enhanced Subscription Billing feature, which has been introduced as a replacement.


Vendasta Partners can now automatically generate, send, and charge invoices for products with recurring subscriptions. Invoices will auto-generate for renewing packages with monthly and yearly frequencies, including packages with custom products. 

To configure how an individual account is invoiced for products and services with recurring subscriptions, go to the Products section on the account's page under Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts and click Invoices. 

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Selecting Manual Collection will cause a draft invoice for the recurring price of a product or service to be created automatically on the day that the product or service renews. If multiple products renew on the same day, they will be included in the same invoice. 

Selecting Automatically Collect will allow you to automatically send the invoice or charge the amount immediately on the day it is automatically generated.

If the collection date is set to the 29th of every month or the 31st of every month, in shorter months such as February, it will automatically be sent out on the last day of the month. For example, if the invoice is set to go out on the 31st, it will be sent out on the last day of the month instead. 

For more details on how recurring invoices work, read the full support article here.

Many features of Vendasta Payments are available worldwide, while certain features are currently available only to partners operating in certain regions and currencies.


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