Marketplace: Quick Product Creation in Partner Center

Easily create your own product without having to leave Partner Center through the new Create Product workflow. Fill out your product's most basic information and create it on the same page, or continue editing in Vendor Center to add more details and advanced integrations.

Remember, a product can be anything that you can offer to your clients: digital applications, services, physical products, consulting hours, and a whole lot more!

How does it work?

You can start creating a product by going to Marketplace > Products tab. Select the Create Product button in the upper right corner.

There are four basic steps to complete to successfully create an app for your product:

Basic Info

  • Product Name - The name you've given your product or service. This will be displayed to Partner Center admins, salespeople, and Business App users.
  • Product Type - Whether it is best classified as a product or service. 
  • Icon Image - Your product's icon is one of the first impressions that Partners and end-users will have of your product. Keep it simple, refrain from using text in the image, and ensure that it will fit well in a circle.


  • Is your product billed once or as a subscription?
    When a product is billed as a subscription, the customer will be required to make a monthly payment to continue using the product. If a customer discontinues their subscription, the product will continue to be active until the end of the billing period, at which point the product can be canceled.

    If your product requires a recurring payment to use, select Subscription to set the frequency (monthly or yearly) with which the customer is billed.

  • Retail - This is the price that you will charge customers for your product. If your product is set to be billed as a subscription, the amount you set as a Retail Price will be charged regularly at the frequency you’ve specified.


  • Marketing description - Provide a concise and captivating paragraph or two that communicates what your product is, why it’s unique, and why users will love it.
  • Key selling points  - Provide 3-6 unique value propositions about your product.

Click here to read our guide on how to craft an informative marketing page.


Choose whether to save your app as a draft and continue editing in Vendor Center or to Publish and Enable the product.

  • Continue editing in Vendor Center - Your product will be saved as a draft and you can continue editing in Vendor Center where you can create custom order forms, set up advanced integrations, and further customize your marketing page.
  • Publish and Enable - Your product is published and enabled for you to use. You can now package this product and add it to your Store!

All Vendasta Partners have access to this feature. 


Walkthrough Video

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