Partner Center: Track the work your fulfillment teams do in Task Manager with the new Productivity Report

Tracking how your teams are doing overall can be a nightmare. That's why Vendasta is happy to introduce the Productivity Report. This was designed in close cooperation with our internal fulfillment teams to ensure it provides the information managers need to get a true feel for how their teams are performing.

What is available in the Productivity Report?

Vendasta has crafted the Productivity Report to help you track a few key stats:

  • How close to their due dates is your team completing tasks
  • How overdue tasks are before they are resolved.
  • Number of completed tasks
  • The number of tasks that were due during a set period of time.
  • Number of overdue tasks


How do I access the Productivity Report?

You can access the Productivity Report through Partner Center under Tasks > Productivity Report or by clicking the button below.

Open the Productivity Report


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