Product Activation Notification

When activating a product, Partner Center admins have the ability to notify Business App users - their customers - via email. Users are able to know immediately when they can access a product instead of having to wait for a response from their Salesperson or constantly refreshing Business App. Admins and Salespeople do not need to reach out to users directly to let them know when a product has been activated on an account. These emails also provide a much clearer entry point into launching a product, allowing them to see the value of it far more quickly.

How do Product Activation Notifications work?

When activating a product, Partner Center admins will see the following option:

  • Email all users on this account when this product is activated.

This will send out an email to all users on the account once the product is activated. You can see which users are currently on an account by going to Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Accounts > Account Namethen looking under the Users section.

The email the users receive will be similar to the following:


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