Feb. 2, 2018: Reputation Management 7-day trial and limited preview




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    Jimmi Nolan

    Hi there

    Can you please confirm my understanding that the 7 day trial for rep management isn't new?  Is the limited preview new perhaps?

    Also, I wonder if the 7 day trial to begin from when a snapshot is produced is the best time to trigger the activation?  Surely when the prospect logs in to the Business Centre or even when the view the snapshot for the first time?



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    Blair Nordstrom

    Hi Jimmi,

    With the existing "7-day demo" feature, your Business Center users cannot access Reputation Management. With the new "7-day trial" feature, on the other hand, your Business Center users can access Reputation Management.

    The "limited preview" is also new. Like the trial, your Business Center users can still access Reputation Management. However, there's no time limit, the data doesn't stay up-to-date, and many features are locked.

    This initial release takes advantage of the existing "demo" functionality, allowing us to provide value quickly. Rest assured, we do plan to introduce other ways to activate the trial (either automatically or manually), such as when a Business Center user logs in for the first time.

    We appreciate your feedback, and we'll keep you in the loop as we continue to improve the trial experience.

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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