Create Orders in Partner Center

There are two order workflows available to help you deliver the best customer experience for your clientele, Sales Orders or Orders. This article will explain how to create Orders in Partner Center.

Why is order creation important?

Creating an order provides you with the ability to activate products provided through the Vendasta platform even if your customers purchasing experience occurs outside of Partner Center and Business App. Creating an order this way activates the products in the Order immediately (you are billed wholesale charges at this time), and billing and collecting payment from your customer is not automated. You may create invoices to send manually through Vendasta or manage that outside of the platform. 

Create an Order

  1. Go to Partner Center > Commerce > Orders, click the arrow beside Create Sales Order to select Order products, and choose an Account 
    • OR Partner Center > Accounts > Manage Accounts > choose an Account > Actions > Order products
  1. if you have set up Subscriptions on that account, you will have the option to collect payment when you finish creating the order
  2. Add products, choosing the desired Edition where applicable.
  3. Add add-ons if applicable
  4. Click Continue
  5. Review the order, entering activation information where applicable.
  6. Click Save and continue
  7. Review order, including wholesale and retail pricing
  8. Click Purchase. The products will be activated, and you will be charged the wholesale price by Vendasta.

Editions & Add-Ons

When creating an order, some products will have several editions to choose from. Select the edition best suited for each client's goals and budget.

Add-ons are also available to help you provide exactly the right solution for each of your clients. Add these after selecting the main products to avoid required product notifications. If you are ordering an add-on for a main product already activated on a client's account, the system will recognize this and refrain from displaying a notification. 

Next Steps

Once your customer has approved the order, it's time to invoice, collect payment, activate, and fulfill. Refer to the articles below for details on these next steps. 

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