Troubleshooting Guide for Product Visibility in Marketplace > Manage Store

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This guide helps troubleshoot issues with not being able to see products in Marketplace > Manage Store > Categories.


Common Causes: Products not visible in Manage Store > Categories is likely due to:

  • Failing to start selling the product
  • Product not available in the correct market
  • Category is not set to ALL


Troubleshooting Methods:


Walkthrough Video


Method #1: Failed to Select Start Selling

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Discover Products
  2. Search for the product in question
  3. On the right side of the page, there is a Start Selling Button. It will be greyed out and say Selling if you have completed this step successfully.

Method #2: Product not available in the correct market

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Products
  2. Within the Overview, you should see the Available in Store card
  3. Check to see if product has been added to the correct Market

Method #3: Category is not set to ALL

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Manage Store
  2. Expand Categories and Toggle the ALL category to on
  3. Individual products will only show in your Public Store if the "ALL" category is toggled on.

NOTE: Individual products that are NOT inside a package will not appear in the Categories section. You also cannot move the packages around in the ALL category through this section.


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