Important Update: Legacy Access to Sales & Success Center

The Vendasta team has been working hard to bring new advancements to the new CRM within Partner Center. Since its launch in November 2023, the Partner Center CRM has evolved to become the best place for Vendasta Partners and their Sales teams to sell solutions to SMB clients. This significant advancement towards a unified CRM experience is beneficial to partners with and without dedicated sales teams, providing a cohesive all-in-one platform experience to Partner Center users, and limiting access to salespeople-only users when necessary. Take a look at the Vendasta Changelog for all of the details and FAQs. 

Starting June 24th, 2024, new partners that register for Vendasta will not have access to Sales & Success Center. 

Existing partners (those who have an account prior to June 24th) retain access to Sales & Success Center but are encouraged to migrate to Partner Center CRM as soon as possible.

Sales & Success Center will eventually be sunsetted for all partners at a future date, to be determined. Please keep an eye out on for more updates regarding this transition.

All existing partners except the partners who are currently white-labeling the Sales & Success Center  (via a setting in Administration) will start seeing a Partner Center button in Sales & Success Center which will redirect their salesperson to the new CRM in Partner Center. All new salesperson welcome emails will also direct salespeople to Partner Center as well.

Custom Domain Requests: Partners white-labeling Sales & Success Center can request custom domains for Partner Center based on their subscription tiers. Custom Domains are available on all subscription tiers with the exception of Starter, Startup, and Individual plans. Beyond custom domains, partners can further white-label the Partner Center experience for their salespeople by ensuring they have their role set to “Salesperson”.

Why migrate to the new CRM in Partner Center?

  1. Integrated and seamless workflow:
    • Manage sales cycles, gather leads, and launch targeted email campaigns within Partner Center (instead of needing to switch to Sales & Success Center).
    • Unified sales activities and data streamline user experience. For example, sending Campaigns to a list of “users” was cumbersome. Today, it’s significantly easier with “Contacts”.
  1. Automation and expansion capabilities:
    • Includes AI-assisted web chat widget and Form Builder for capturing leads.
    • Users can also run bulk actions on Contacts and Companies from manual automations, with more system automations coming soon (like “assign task”).
    • Zapier integration enables extensive automation and custom workflows.
  1. Enhanced customer and sales management:
    • New "Companies" and "Contacts" tabs offer flexible customer management and advanced filtering. Partners can collect Contact information from Forms and AI Lead Capture without the need to create an Account for the business. They can nurture that Contact with emails, and then eventually move them into a Company.
    • Enhanced Company profiles and Snapshot Report integration on the Companies table improve sales prospecting.

How do I migrate my team to the new Partner Center CRM?

  1. Starting June 24th, 2024, provide your team members with access to You can provide the link to Partner Center directly.
  2. You can invite new salespeople by visiting and clicking “Invite team member” in the top-right.
  3. If your salesperson is already listed in the “My Team” table, you can invite them to Partner Center by clicking the kebab menu next to their account on the page above and selecting “Resend Welcome Email”. 

You can adjust the permissions of your salespeople in Partner Center by clicking the kebab menu and selecting “Edit member”.  This will allow you to to configure what they have access to in the Partner Center CRM.

Call to Action

Existing Vendasta Partners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the exciting new features of the Partner Center CRM and watch for future updates. The Vendasta team will provide legacy access to Sales & Success Center until a future date, to be determined. 

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