Switching Locations in Business App

Changing locations or setting a default location in Business App is essential for efficient multi-site management. Business App allows users to oversee all their business locations from one centralized hub, enhancing efficiency and seamless coordination across different sites. Understanding how to switch locations is crucial for managing multi-site operations effectively. 

How to switch locations 

  1. From Business App, select the business name:


  2. Select the three dots next to the desired default location:screenshot-youragency.smblogin.com-2021.11.10-10_26_16.jpg
  3. Select Make default. This location will now be selected by default when the user accesses Business App.

How to Switch Locations from within Business App

Users can easily similarly switch their locations.

  1. From the Business App, select their business name.
  2. Select the desired business. 

This will take the user to the dashboard for the desired business. If the user is expecting to see a business that is not present, you may need to edit their permissions. 


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