CRM: Find Nearby Businesses

Streamline Local Lead Generation: Leverage the Enhanced "Find Nearby Businesses" Feature

Identifying and qualifying potential clients within your local market is crucial for any salesperson focused on local businesses. Previously, creating accounts offered a limited view of prospects. The “Find nearby businesses” experience will allow users to look for the digital performance of local businesses, including their Google Business Profile claimed status, Google reviews, website, and will allow users to create local businesses in bulk.


How to use the "Find nearby businesses" feature

Step 1: Go to ContactCompany page, and then click Find nearby businesses.

Step 2: Type in a type of business, with a location.

Step 3: Select the local businesses that you want to work with and click Create companies.

Step 4: Continue to look for other businesses, or click View companies to go to the company table and start working on the businesses that you just created.

Coming soon: Bulk automation action in the company table which will allow users to conduct different actions in bulk, including creating Snapshot Reports and Tasks in bulk.



Q: Can the table list more than 20 results?

A: No - Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Google API that is used.


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