Nov. 23, 2016: Bring in the optimal number of leads on the optimal days

Set the maximum number of recipients that can be added to a campaign per day (from a list), and select the days that campaign emails are sent on. These configurations allow your sales team to receive a steady flow of timely leads rather than getting overwhelmed by too many at once.

To configure a campaign, go to the Campaigns tab in Partner Center, select one of your custom campaigns, and then open the Campaign Configuration menu at the top of the page.

The Account Buffer option allows you to set the maximum number of recipients added to a campaign per day (from a list). When the number of recipients added to a campaign exceeds the maximum for the day, those recipients will receive the campaign the next day that does not exceed the maximum. For example, the maximum is 50, but you've added 55 recipients to the campaign today—those five additional recipients will receive the campaign tomorrow.

The Included Days option allows you to select which days the campaign emails can be sent on. When a campaign email is scheduled to get sent on a day that is not included, it will get sent on the next included day. For example, an email is scheduled to get sent on Sunday, but the campaign has been configured not to send emails on Sundays; therefore the email will get sent on Monday, the next included day.

Note: You cannot edit pre-built campaigns (Ex. Local Marketing Snapshot). Therefore, if you'd like to set custom configurations for these campaigns, you must duplicate the campaign first, and then set your desired configurations.

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