Jan. 23, 2017: Ready-to-go email campaigns

You’ve signed a new client and given them access to Business Center. Your next challenge is to get that client to regularly use your product suite—you need to make sure they see value in your products in order to prevent churn.

We've built email campaigns that your team can use to keep your clients engaged with Reputation Management and Social Marketing. These campaigns showcase key components of the products and prompt your clients to complete fundamental tasks. 

And it gets better. Once you apply the new campaign automations (ETA: February 1) to your adoption campaigns, you can automatically start a campaign the moment you activate a product for a client!

The Reputation Management campaign will include the following emails:

  1. Welcome
  2. Get More Reviews
  3. Create a Listing
  4. Connect Social Networks
  5. Set Up Mention Searches

The Social Marketing campaign will include the following emails:

  1. Welcome / Connect Social Networks
  2. Set Up a Lead Search
  3. Compose a Post
  4. Schedule a Post
  5. Add a Content Search
  6. Republish Interesting Content

To start using these campaigns, go to Partner Center > Marketing > Product Adoption > Recommended Campaigns, select the menu beside one of the campaigns, and then click Add to My Campaigns.

Next, you'll have the chance to preview and edit the campaign before you make it available to your salespeople.

Once you're ready to go, click Publish.

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