What do the service and product icons mean?

On the Accounts tab of Partner Center, there are a number of icons that refer to different Vendasta products and their current statuses. Please be aware that grey icons refer to inactive services and products.

Icon Service/Product Description
Listing Distribution - This reflects the status of the account's Listing Distribution subscription.
View Snapshot Report - View the current Snapshot Report for an account.
Create Snapshot Report - Create a Snapshot Report for an account that has not yet had one generated. This will continue to update for seven (7) days. Please be aware that a charge will be added to your next bill.
Refresh Snapshot Report - Refresh the current Snapshot Report, allowing it to update for the next seven (7) days. Please be aware that a charge will be added to your next bill.
Reputation Management - The account has an active Reputation Management subscription.
Reputation Management (Demo) - The account has a demo Reputation Management account active. This is created when a Snapshot Report is generated. After seven (7) days, this demo will expire.
Reputation Management (Expired) - The account's demo Reputation Management account has expired. The account will no longer check for updated listing information or reviews, and does not permit information within Reputation Management to be changed.
Listing Builder - The account has an active Listing Builder subscription.
Social Marketing - This account has an active Social Marketing subscription.


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