Oct. 12, 2016: Fix Foursquare listings with Listing Sync Pro

Your clients can now create and update Foursquare listings with Listing Sync Pro! Meanwhile, they can no longer fix their Foursquare listings with Free Listing Sync.

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    Geri Davis

    I'm sorry but this is terrible, I just did a big printing for some materials and I knew things change but I tried to keep things general for that reason...but man I wish I had known this was happening. Why did this change? Thanks!

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    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Geri,

    Oh no, we're sorry that this update affected your marketing materials!

    Foursquare charges your clients a one-time fee of $20 USD when they want to claim their listing on Foursquare. Therefore, Foursquare as part of Free Listing Sync wasn't truly free. As such, we moved Foursquare to Listing Sync Pro so your clients don't have to pay that fee, meanwhile increasing value of Listing Sync Pro.

    To further address your concerns, your Partner Success Manager, Ali York, will be in touch with you shortly.

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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