What do the Notification Settings control?

Your clients can customize which notifications they receive. To alter these, they will need to login to the Business Center, click on the Settings Gear, and select Notification Settings. Once they've selected the recipient they wish to edit, they will be given toggles for each of the following settings:

Instant Email (When Available)

The settings under this section will send out an email as soon as our system registers it, allowing your clients to respond to reviews and customer comments quickly.

Social Marketing

Customer Post - Receive an email when the Social Marketing product detects a post left on one of the connected social media accounts.

Lead - If a social media post is detected that matches one of the lead searches configured in the Social Marketing tool, an email will be sent to the recipient alerting them of this.

Reputation Management

Review - When the system pulls in a new review for the business, an email with the contents of this review will be sent out.

Daily Digest

Daily Digests are a digest of all Reputation Management and Social Marketing notifications from the previous day.

Social Marketing

Customer Post - A post made to one of the business's connected social media accounts.

Lead - A post made on Twitter that matches one of the lead searches configured in Social Marketing.

Reputation Management

Listing - When Reputation Management finds a new listing, a listing is marked as incorrect, or a listing is updated, that listing will be included in the Daily Digest.

Mention - The mentions that are pulled into the Mentions tab in Reputation Management for the business. These include the following categories:

  • Social Sites - Includes all sites listed under the Social Sites category in Listing Sources. Includes but is not limited to Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus Local, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Images - Images pulled into Reputation Management that match one or more of the mention keywords configured.
  • Very Positive - Mentions that receive a very positive sentiment rating.
  • Somewhat Positive - Mentions that receive a somewhat positive sentiment rating.
  • Neutral - Mentions that receive a neutral sentiment rating.
  • Somewhat Negative - Mentions that receive a somewhat negative sentiment rating.
  • Very Negative - Mentions that receive a very negative sentiment rating.

Review - New reviews that are pulled into our system.

Review Comment - Responses that the business has left on a My Listing review.

Social Activity - Posts left on the business's connected social media accounts. Includes the following sub-categories:

  • My Profile - Posts made to the business's connected social media accounts.
  • Employee Profiles - Posts made via an employee's Twitter accounts connected in Reputation Management.
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