Sep. 14, 2016: Monitor SureCritic listings and reviews

SureCritic is a listing and review site for auto dealerships and repair shops. Since SureCritic was founded in 2010, consumers have left more than one million reviews about automotive companies across the US.

A number of our partners have requested that we support SureCritic. Now, your clients, digital agents and brand managers can view SureCritic listings and reviews from Reputation Management, Concierge and Brand Analytics, respectively.

Note: At this time, Reputation Management only retrieves the reviews that SureCritic displays publicly. A new review will not go public until: a) the business has verified that the review is from a real customer, and b) the business has responded to that review. The business has up to 14 days to complete both actions within the SureCritic platform.

We have disabled SureCritic by default. You can enable it via Partner Center > Customize > Listing Sources.

To create, edit or claim a listing on SureCritic, simply send an email to their business development team at

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