Oct. 5, 2016: Import a list of accounts with ease

It’s never been easier to bring your clients and prospects into the Vendasta platform. The new import wizard allows you to upload a list of accounts within minutes. This wizard also comes with step-by-step instructions to ensure a quick and successful import.

With the ability to import a list of accounts and then launch custom campaigns, you’ll be able to scale faster than ever!

How it works.

1. Start the wizard

To get started, go to Partner Center > Accounts and click Import List.

2. Download and fill in the template

Download the provided CSV template and then enter as much data as possible. Important: Make sure to follow the guidelines highlighted in the wizard. Most notably, do not rename column titles (the column titles must match the original template), and you must fill in the first three columns (CompanyName, WorkNumber and Zip are required fields).

If you only enter the required fields (i.e. CompanyName, WorkNumber and Zip), the wizard will try to retrieve the remaining details for you, without overriding the details you’ve already provided.

2. Upload your CSV spreadsheet

Upload your list of accounts in CSV format.

If you’ve renamed, removed or added columns, the wizard will display an error and remind you to follow the original template.

If the wizard discovers any errors in the formatting of your data (ex. Not enough digits in a phone number), it will outline what happened and where so you can easily go back and fix it. If you prefer to ignore those errors and postpone creating those particular accounts, you can click Skip rows with errors. You can then download a spreadsheet of errors once the import is complete.

3. Choose a destination

You can either add the accounts to an existing list or create a new list.

4. Review the import

Confirm your selections and then click the Import button when you’re ready to begin the import.

The import process may take several minutes, depending on the number of accounts you’re creating. The wizard will create the accounts in the background so there’s no need to stay on the upload page.

5. Take action on your new list

Add your new list to a campaign or create Snapshot reports for every account! To do so, simply go to Partner Center > Accounts > Lists and then select the menu for that list.

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