Provide a local business directory for your clients

The Business Directory is an online directory of the listings you’ve created for businesses via My Listing.

Why it matters

  • Leverage your website’s traffic: Give local businesses the opportunity to market to an extensive local audience.
  • Generate leads you can market to: The Business Directory allows you to generate leads for no additional cost to your business.
  • Boost your search engine ranking: The ever-growing content in your directory contributes to your search ranking and ultimately attracts new visitors to your website.

How to share your directory

To share your directory:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Businesses > Directory.
  2. Select a Market.
  3. Copy the link.
  4. Share the link through your website, email campaigns, digital ads, and social media pages.

How it works

The Business Directory uses responsive design, providing a great user experience regardless of screen size. The map at the top of the homepage focuses on the region your accounts are under. The categories below are based on the most popular business categories for your accounts. Each category highlights four local businesses along with their review rating on My Listing.

The listing search screen shows the review rating, number of reviews, and location on the map.

The Business Directory features all of the listings you and your clients have created with My Listing. With My Listing, you can create a mobile-optimized business listing that includes offers, reviews, multimedia, and more.

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  • Avatar
    Manny Clark

    when is this coming out ?

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Manny,

    The beta test is coming to a close and we will release the Business Directory to all partners within the next few weeks (note: it will be disabled by default). We can't provide an ETA quite yet, but once we can, you'll see it in the Product Insider newsletter.

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

  • Avatar
    Freddy Ruehl

    What options do we have with this directory function? Can we create multiple "hyper-local" directories if we designate Markets for each? Can we customize the map, categories and search? Thank you for your help

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Freddy,

    You certainly have the ability to set up a directory per Market. Before you can do so, you'll need to ensure that each Market has a unique domain for Listing Builder. Please contact to set those domains up. From Partner Center, you can then select a Market to grab the unique URL for that Market's directory.

    The map, categories, and search are not customizable, but their appearance does change based on your clients' locations and business categories. e.g. If all clients in a Market are based in one city, the map will show that city.

    I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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