How do I create a new campaign?


1. Create a campaign. 

a) From Partner Center > Marketing, select which type of a campaign you would like to create.

Customer Acquisition: Emails designed to get more hot leads.
Product Adoption: Increase the number of customers using the product.
Product Upsell: Increase the number of products your customers are purchasing. 

b) Name your campaign, select the focus, and then click Add Event.

c) Select an existing template, or create a new email or Snapshot creation event.


Note that the Snapshot Creation event does not automatically send an e-mail, you will have to add an email event afterwards if you would like your recipients to recieve their report.

2. Customize your campaign.

a) Customize the title, subject line and body of the email. Personalize the emails with dynamic components, such as the company name, first name, Snapshot Report button, and sales contact info.

b) Add more events!

c) Structure your campaign. Specify a custom time delay between events, drag and drop events to re-order them, or edit/remove events.

3. Publish your campaign.

Once the campaign is ready to go, select Publish Campaign. As soon as you publish a campaign, you and your salespeople will be able to start using that campaign.

4. Send your campaign to a list of accounts.

a) To send your campaign to a list, go to Businesses > Accounts > Lists, select a list menu, and then click Add to Campaign. You can start the campaign now or schedule it for a later time.

b) To add a contact, go to the Account Details screen for any account in Sales Tool, select a contact and then enable a campaign.

5. Track your campaign’s email analytics.

Monitor your analytics in Marketing. Select the Campaign type.

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