Nov. 1, 2016: Take control of your campaigns


Our newest feature empowers you to build custom campaigns that engage your clients at every stage of the customer lifecycle—from prospects to lifelong customers.

IMPORTANT: We’ve renamed the pre-built acquisition campaigns you know and love:

  • “10X Drip Campaign” is now “Local Marketing Snapshot w/ Listing Distribution”
  • “10X Drip Campaign (Non-US)” is now “Local Marketing Snapshot”

Please make sure your salespeople are aware of this change!

Create and manage custom campaigns.

Market and sell your digital solutions the way that works best for your company. With the new Campaigns feature in Partner Center, you will have the power to create fully-customized campaigns.

  • Create emails with custom content.
  • Specify time intervals between emails.
  • Add an unlimited number of emails to your campaign.

Plus, you can preview your campaigns before you make them available to your salespeople!

Launch campaigns at scale.

Jumpstart your sales by importing all of your accounts into the Vendasta platform (via Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Import List). You can organize these accounts into a list and effortlessly add that list to the campaign of your choice.

Engage customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Take your campaigns beyond customer acquisition. With the new Campaigns feature, you can select a focus for each campaign you create:

  • Acquire: Increase # of clients
  • Adopt: Increase # of active users
  • Upsell: Increase # of products per client

You then have the ability to track the email analytics for each focus, including the open, click-through and bounce rates. That way, you can better understand how you can improve your campaigns over time.

Bring in the right amount of leads at the right time.

Set your sales team up for success. With Campaign Configuration, you can: 

  • Pick a time zone.
  • Set the maximum number of accounts that can be added to a campaign per day.

That way, your sales team will receive a steady flow of timely leads rather than getting overwhelmed with too many at once.

Take advantage of our turnkey campaigns.

If you want to spend your time selling instead of creating campaigns, we understand, and we’ve got you covered. At launch, you’ll gain access to turnkey adoption campaigns. Better yet, we’ll continue to add more campaigns in the following weeks!

How it works.

1. Create a campaign. 

a) From Partner Center > Campaigns, select Create Campaign.

b) Name your campaign, select the focus, and then click Add Email.

c) Select an existing template or create a new email.

2. Customize your campaign.

a) Customize the title, subject line and body of the email. Personalize the emails with dynamic components, such as the company name, first name, Snapshot Report button, and sales contact info.

b) Create more emails!

c) Structure your campaign. Specify a custom time delay between emails, drag and drop emails to re-order them, or edit/remove emails.

d) Configure your campaign. Pick a time zone, select the days that emails are sent on, and then set the maximum number of accounts that can be added to this campaign per day. 

3. Publish your campaign.

Once the campaign is ready to go, select Publish. As soon as you publish a campaign, you and your salespeople will be able to start using that campaign.

4. Send/schedule your campaign.

a) To send your campaign to a list, go to Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Lists, select a list menu, and then click Add to Campaign. You can start the campaign now or schedule it for a later time.

b) To add a contact, go to the Account Details screen for any account in Sales & Success Center, select a contact and then enable a campaign.

5. Track your campaign’s email analytics.

Monitor your analytics in Partner Center > Marketing.

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    Awesome new functionality, our team is excited!

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