Aug. 10, 2016: Easily refresh Snapshot Reports

The Snapshot Report is a tool that empowers your sales team to generate hot leads. This report provides local businesses with a comprehensive evaluation of their online performance.

Snapshot Reports are active and accurate for seven days. After that time, the report becomes inactive and outdated. However, sometimes you or your salespeople need more time to close a deal, or simply need to rekindle an old prospect. This new feature allows you and your salespeople to refresh a Snapshot Report so the data becomes accurate for another seven days.

Your salespeople can now refresh Snapshot Reports from Sales & Success Center > Accounts. Simply click the refresh button and then confirm you’d like to refresh the Snapshot.

Your sales managers also have the ability to refresh Snapshot Reports from Partner Center > Sales > Prospects.

And, as a Partner Center Admin, you have the power to refresh multiple reports at once. Simply add prospects to a list via Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Lists and then click Create/Refresh Snapshot.

The platform will recognize which prospects already exist, and then create or refresh the reports accordingly.

As for logistics, refreshed reports are very similar to new reports:

  • Refreshed reports are the same cost as new reports. 
  • You must wait a minimum of 10 minutes before accessing the report.
  • The refreshed report uses data from the demo Reputation Management account.

However, please keep in mind that when a Snapshot Report is refreshed, a new report will override the old report.

Head to Partner Center or Sales & Success Center to start refreshing Snapshots today!

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