Jul. 13, 2016: Email Task Reports from Concierge (with improved reporting features!)

Task Reports are the perfect way to show proof of performance to your clients. Your digital agents can now email these improved reports to recipients directly from within Concierge.

To get started, go to Partner Center > Concierge > Accounts > [Account Name] > Reports tab.

To send a Task Report via email, select the month and recipients, and then click Send Report.

To view a Task Report, select a month and click View Report. This report will then open in a new window. Your digital agents can then share this link with clients—it is public and does not expire. You’ll notice there is now a month selector within the report and the option to view an All Time Report.

Your digital agents can also automatically email monthly Task Reports to the selected recipients. Concierge sends these reports on the second day of the month for the previous month. The email template can easily be modified.

To add or remove someone to the list of recipients, select Edit Email Recipients and then Manage Recipient.

The View Report Email History section easily lists and identifies all past reports that have been sent out and their status and how they were sent, one time manual or monthly.

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