Jul. 26, 2016: Drive clients to your platform with the new Daily Digest email

Show your clients everything they need to know about their business in one comprehensive daily email. 

The Daily Digest highlights:

  • Changes to business listings
  • New customer reviews
  • New social posts by the business
  • New social posts by employees
  • New social posts by customers
  • New social media leads.

This email unifies the two different notification emails we previously sent to your clients:

  1. Daily Alerts from Reputation Management, which include changes to business listings, new customer reviews and mentions of the business.
  2. Daily Digests from Social Marketing, which include new customer posts and social leads.

That way, your clients receive one item in their inbox with all the information they need.

To edit a client’s notification settings:

  1. Go to Business Center > Notification Settings tab (SSO partners can access these settings via the sidebar navigation or Reputation Management > Reports tab)
  2. Select a recipient.
  3. Use the toggle to switch Daily Digest emails on or off.
  4. Select the events to be included in the Daily Digest.

When your clients navigate to Reputation Management > Reports tab and select Manage your daily notification settings, Reputation Management will redirect them to the Notification Settings section in Business Center.

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