Jun. 29, 2016: Track social engagement on Facebook posts

Social media engagement metrics help local businesses understand the effectiveness of their content and campaigns. Social engagement also provides indirect SEO value as well as indirect sales and lead value. Therefore, it’s important that local businesses track these analytics so they can continue to improve their social media strategy.

With Social Marketing, your clients can now monitor the number of reactions, comments and shares their Facebook posts have received. These engagement stats will help your clients understand which posts are the most engaging.

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    Ray Maudlin

    Is this data collection something unique to Vendasta Partners?
    Ray Maudlin
    General Manager
    Go Digital First
    Gal: 2:20

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    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your question! Facebook engagement stats are included in Social Marketing—a product that is available to Vendasta partners only. However, the engagement statistics themselves are available on most social media marketing platforms.

    If you have any other further questions, please let us know at support@vendasta.com!

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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