March 15th, 2024: Intermittent Login Issue

We are currently addressing an issue impacting logging into Business App and email deliverability for some customers depending on their internet provider. Our team is actively working on a resolution, and as a workaround adjusting your domain, or having your customers adjust their DNS to utilize Google will resolve the issues. 

Domain Workaround 

Please enter these CNAME records, with a TTL of 3600 (or 1 hr) in your Domain Name Settings (DNS): replace with replace with replace with replace with replace with

DNS Workaround

Instead of adjust the Domain, in the interim, your customers can utilize a temporary solution by switching to a Google DNS instead of their Internet Provider. To do this, simply set the DNS address to 

For step-by-step instructions on how to change the DNS settings, please refer to the following link: Google DNS Setup Guide.


Note: If you are trying to reset your password as an Admin and are facing issues please reach out to the support team by emailing 

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