How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information with Vendasta via the following:
  1. Log into Vendasta Partner Center
  2. Click on AdministrationBilling.
  3. Select Manage Billing Info in the upper right hand corner. Note that this might take 5-10 seconds to open the link, as it opens a secure portal into our secure billing system
  4. Click on Payment Method along the left hand side of the screen
  5. Now select Add a Payment Method
  6. Enter all your credit card information and click Create. Please fill in the address field with the address associated with the credit card.
    • When you enter this information, you will see a check box directly above the create tab. This box will ask if you want to apply all outstanding charges to this card.
  7. If the card was accepted, you will receive an email saying that your payment method has been updated and, if applicable, that payment has been processed.
  8. If you receive a message saying the card has been declined, the likely cause is that your credit card company is blocking the transaction because it is an international payment. Please contact your credit card company and ask them to allow all transactions from Vendasta Technologies Inc.
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