Aug. 17, 2016: Show proof of performance with the new Listing Score

We’re excited to announce a point-based Listing Score that's going to improve the way you sell business listings!

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What is changing with the Listing Score?

The format of the scoring system is about to change from a percentage to points. Think of it like a credit score: It accurately reflects one’s performance and is clearly influenced by their actions. However, unlike a credit score, there is no finite limit. Instead, there are benchmarks that are unique to each industry, such as the industry average and the 95th percentile.

How is the new Listing Score calculated?

With data from reputable sources such as Alexa and Moz, we identified the Top 100 Online Business Directories in the US. We then assigned scores to each site based on its popularity. This research has lead to a score that accurately reflects the ever-changing local search environment and continues to adapt to those changes over time.

The initial release of the new Listing Score.

What are the benefits of the new Listing Score?

We’ve put a lot of thought into this big change. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • As industry leaders, Vendasta actively monitors the web for popular listing sites and adding them to our platform. With a point-based score, your clients will see these newly added sites as opportunities rather than unexpected drops in their Listing Score. These new opportunities position you to keep your clients engaged.
  • We understand the difficulty agencies have around proof of performance for listings management. By eliminating the upper limit of 100%, we’re making it easier for you to highlight the ongoing work you do on the behalf of your local business clients.  
  • As we all know, some listing sites impact a business’ online visibility more than others. To properly reflect those differences in impact, we’ve given higher-traffic sites—such as Google—a greater influence on the Listing Score.
  • The new score considers Other Citations, meaning Listing Distribution will now increase the score over time.
  • Along with the new score, we're adding 22 new business listing sites to Reputation Management. Your clients can correct all of these sites and boost their score with Listing Sync Pro! 
  • A point-based score opens up a world of opportunities for gamification. Our vision is to encourage your clients to complete tasks—such as activating Listing Distribution and/or Listing Sync Pro—in order to boost their Listing Score.

What context does the new Listing Score provide?

A historical graph will show your clients how their score has changed over time. That way, your clients will see the value of the listing solutions you provide. This graph will show data from as far back as the account was created, or February 2014, whichever is sooner.

View this historical graph in Reputation Management > Listings > Statistics.

More details

The new point-based Listing Score will be available for all partners Wednesday, August 17th. We're also adding 22 new listing sites to Reputation Management. We’re enabling these two features by default. Please be aware that your clients will not only see their scores change from a percentage to points, but they will also see many new listing sites.

If you’d like more time to prepare, you can temporarily opt out of the new point-based Listing Score via Partner Center > Customize > General Product Settings > Reputation Management. Keep in mind that if you disable the new Listing Score, your clients’ percentage-based scores will drop due to the 22 new listing sites. If you choose to disable the new score, please send your Vendasta Account Executive feedback as to how we can improve them before we make it a requirement for all partners in the future. 

To learn more about the new score, check out our latest blog post “What’s in a number?"

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