What happens when my clients cancel the Listing Sync Pro service?

To give you an understanding of what happens when your clients cancel, here’s a summary of how Listing Sync Pro works:

  1. Imagine a business listing already exists on a directory.
  2. Once Listing Sync Pro is activated, a paid listing essentially replaces that existing listing. 
  3. When the Listing Sync Pro service is cancelled, the paid listing is removed, and the directory will simultaneously restore the previous listing. 
    1. Directories have the right to copy the business info that was synced via Listing Sync Pro. However, this does not apply to rich data such as hours, photos and videos.
    2. If a directory hasn’t corrected their underlying version of the listing, that listing may restore to the incorrect info that was visible prior to the activation of the service.
    3. Vendasta does not force the incorrect info back onto the listing.

Listings that were created via Listing Sync Pro will not get removed.

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    John De Fusco

    If the business does NOT already have a listing in a directory, and Listing Sync Pro is activated, I assume a new paid listing is created? In this case, when the Listing Sync Pro service is cancelled, does the listing remain in the directory at a FREE level?

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    Kevin Hanna

    Hi John,

    Yes, any listing that is created with Listing Sync Pro will persist on the sites. The listing that remains will be the basic listing with NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone, and Website).

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