Listings - Why was my existing Google Maps listing not found?

This article pertains directly to Google Maps listings. If you are having trouble with a different listing, please refer to this article.

Reputation Management will automatically search Google Maps to display listings that it believes may belong to the business entered. Occasionally, however, our system will not pull in the Map for that specific listing. This generally happens for one of two reasons:

  1. The information provided in the Business Profile is not similar enough to the information on Google Maps as per Best Match.
  2. The listing was created recently and should be automatically pulled in during Reputation Management's next search.

In both of these cases, you can manually add the listing to Reputation Management. To do so, select 'view possible matches' and click 'Add'.

This will open a window that will allow you to search for your business. Once the business name and address have been entered, the system will return the results that it believes are closest to the data entered.

If the business you are searching for does not appear after entering the full business name and address as displayed on Google Maps, there is likely a setting on the listing that is preventing the search tool from locating the Google Map for the business. In the majority of cases, the business's street address has been suppressed, and Google is preventing the Map from surfacing.

If the business owner disables the suppression of their Google Maps listing, our system should be able to pull the listing in. Unfortunately, if the business is unable to have its street address appear on Google Maps, our system will be unable to retrieve this listing.

Alternately, authenticating the business's Google My Business account within either Reputation Management or the Listing Builder product will allow the system to find and pull in the Google Maps listing, regardless of whether the address is suppressed.

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