Why would my clients want to pay for Listing Sync Pro on an ongoing basis?

There is certainly an appeal to instantly fixing listings, but there is more to online presence management than updating listing data one time. Online influencers, including data providers, Internet users and other third parties, have the power to change your clients’ business listing info without any warning—that’s one of the reasons they had to get Listing Sync Pro in the first place. Listing Sync continuously monitors listings for accuracy and re-sends the accurate data daily in case anything changes.

With Listing Sync, your clients have the power to instantly update their hours of operation on dozens of listing sites any time they want. This gives them the flexibility to update their details on-demand, in an efficient manner.

In the near future, Listing Sync Pro will sync rich data such as photos, offers and more. Your clients can update this data an unlimited number of times. So the next time they want to sync their holiday hours or their latest coupons to 40+ listing sites, they can do so in an efficient manner.

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