How do I create a Partner Center admin?

Your master Partner Center admin user has the ability to both create and manage additional Partner Center admin users.

To create a new Partner Center admin, log into your master Partner Center admin user and select Admin Management.


You can then choose whether to add a new Partner Center admin, or modify an existing Partner Center admin.


Once a new Partner Center admin is created, they will receive a Welcome Email containing their login details at the email address associated with the user.


Below are the different restriction types available for your Partner Center admins.

Billing Reports - Access to billing spreadsheets for each month and product

Customize Platform - Access to make changes to platform branding, such as uploading a new logo and adding custom products to the Product Catalog.

Accounts and Users - Ability to create accounts, convert Demo accounts to Pay, add products and activate Listing Distribution. These users can also create new Business Center Users and give them permission to access accounts

Concierge - Access to the Concierge product.

Sales - Manage salespeople's access. Create Snapshot Reports for prospects. Monitor and manage Marketing Automation Campaigns.

Brands - Access to the Brand Analytics tab - can add, edit, view and delete Brand Reports

Markets - Restrict admin access to view only the specified markets. This will affect all tabs except for Concierge. For example, if the admin has access to one Market, they can only see the accounts within that Market in the Accounts tab.


For more information on how to create and login to different parts of the platform, please see the overview video below:


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