Jun. 14, 2016: Sync business info to 40+ listing sites with Listing Sync Pro

Consistency across business listings is important for natural search rankings, but business owners don't have the time to establish dozens of listings. That's why we've created Listing Sync Pro.

Listing Sync Pro is a service that empowers businesses to efficiently create, manage and maintain 40+ business listings* from one place. With Listing Sync Pro, your clients can:

  • Quickly create and update listings on reputable listing sites like Bing Maps, Facebook and HotFrog.
  • Conveniently change hours of operation and primary business info on-demand.​
  • ​Generate locations on 12 navigation systems, including Audi, Ford and Toyota.
  • Protect business listings against manipulation by third parties.


How do I activate Listing Sync Pro for my clients?

First, contact your Vendasta Account Executive to start selling Listing Sync Pro!

The new Listing Sync Pro section will then appear in the Listing Sync tab in Listing Builder.

When your clients are interested in Listing Sync Pro, they can click the "Activate Now" button in the CTA banner.

From here, they can request that you activate it on their behalf.

From Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > [Account Name], you can activate Listing Sync Pro for that Account.

Upon clicking Activate, you will be asked to confirm the billing details, accurate account info and auto-renewal settings. Select your preferences for the Account and then click Activate.

How can I customize the price that's displayed?

In Partner Center > Administration > Customize, you can enable/disable the price in the Listing Sync Pro banner and enter your annual & monthly prices.

What is the difference between Free Listing Sync and Listing Sync Pro?

Free Listing Sync:

  • Instantly sync business info to Google My Business, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.
  • You can offer it for no additional cost.
  • To activate, your clients must already have profiles on those sites and they must connect each of those profiles.

Listing Sync Pro:

  • Create and update business listings on over 40 reputable listing sites.
  • You can choose to bill each client one of two ways:
    • Monthly, with a minimum one-year contract.
    • Yearly, with full payment made up-front.
  • To activate, your clients can click “Activate Now” in the call-to-action (CTA) banner to request that you enable Listing Sync Pro on their behalf. They are not required to have listings on each site, nor are they required to authenticate their existing listings.

Contact your Vendasta Account Executive to start selling Listing Sync Pro today!


*in the United States. Listing Sync Pro is available in Canada and Australia with a different list of sites.

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