Cheat Sheet for Snapshot Report




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    Ray Maudlin
    Is there a way for me to customize this PDF by placing my logo, portrait, and contact information on it before printing it?
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    Nolan Cline
    Hello Ray, We spoke about this on the phone, but for everyone's benefit, Vendasta provides a number of unbranded resources that you may take and modify in any way for your own use. We provide suggestions for where to put your Logo and Contact Information that follow our Platform's general design principles, but you may go further and modify the documents in other ways too. We do not provide you with the tools to do this, but there are many free Image manipulation programs out there such as Microsoft Paint, and the Photoshop alternative GIMP that you may use to perform your alterations! I also wanted to highlight that this sheet is for educating yourself, your Business Partners, and Salespeople on how to utilize the Snapshot Report, and shouldn't be put in a space that available to your clients.
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    Tim Berry

    I noticed in the prescriptive section of this cheat sheet, it does not prescribe Listing Sync +/-Pro as a recommended solution in the Listing section. Why not? Or when will you be adding it to this cheat sheet? 

    Also, when will the SEM section be added? 


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