How can I retrieve my SSL Certificate from my cPanel?

Below are instructions for those hosted in a cPanel environment, who need to retrieve their existing SSL certificate, CA Bundle and Private RSA Key from their control panel:

  1. Log into your web host control panel and type ‘ssl’ in the search field.
  2. Select the SSL/TLS Manager.
  3. Click into the link for Private Keys (KEY)
  4. Click View & Edit for your Private Key
  5. Copy and paste the entire Encoded Private Key, from the very first dash to the very last dash into an email to
  6. Return to the main menu for the SSL/TLS Manager and click into the link under Certificates (CRT).
  7. Click into Edit & View for your certificate.
  8. Copy and paste the entire Certificate, from the very first dash to the very last dash into your email to Be sure to collect your CA bundle from this page as well. Indicate which URL your certificate is for and send it off to us!
  9. We will complete the installation for you and let you know when it is complete.
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