How do I setup a SSL Certificate on my custom domain?

This is not applicable for SSO Partners.

In order to use a custom domain for the Business Center (where your clients login) we require partners to have a SSL Certificate for security purposes.

There are many benefits to using a SSL Certificate on a login area. Most importantly is the ability to transmit credentials over an encrypted connection, providing better security to you and your clients. Additionally, Google ranks websites that have SSL over sites that don’t! This means you will be ranked higher in search. This extends to Listing Builder My Listings that are on the same domain.

Where can I buy a SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates can be purchased through your web host provider or your domain registrar. You will be required to purchase a SSL Certificate which provides you with coverage for your Business Center domain name. You can also purchase a wildcard certificate which would provide coverage for all subdomains as well as the root domain - this is preferable, but not required.

As GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar, below are some articles to provide more instructions on how to get an SSL certificate from them:

Getting Started with SSL Certificates

Adding an SSL Certificate

Alternatively, you can buy them directly through an SSL Vendor such as GeoTrust or TrustWave.


I already have a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Great! Please let know what URL your SSL Certificate is installed to and send the SSL Certificate, Private RSA key and Certificate Authority bundle to us.  You can do this by either downloading the files from your control panel or by copying and pasting the text of all files into an email to us. Should you be sending us the text of the certificate, please be sure to include all the text including the dashes.

For further instruction on how to gather the files we need, please see this article.

My Certificate is purchased, now what?

Please email us your SSL Certificate, Private RSA Key and the Certificate Authority bundle and we will install them to the platform on your behalf.

What happens if I do not purchase a SSL Certificate?

If you decide to not purchase a SSL Certificate, we will set your Business Center URL to be on our default secure URL:

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