How do I edit a Snapshot Report?


Salespeople can choose which sections to show or omit from the Snapshot Report from within Sales & Success Center. As a Partner Center admin, you can impersonate salespeople by going to the Sales > Salespeople sub-tab. Just click the Impersonate icon, as seen below.

Beside the account in Sales & Success Center, there will be a document icon, which will take you to the Snapshot Editing page.

Beside each section in the Snapshot Report there is a box with a green checkmark. This checkmark indicates which sections will show in the Snapshot Report to the client. If you do not want to show a section, simply uncheck the box before you view the report.

You can also edit the message that appears in each section by selecting the Edit Message button. 




How do I select the default sections?

You can manage the default settings for all Accounts via Partner Center > Customize > Partner Branding > Sales & Success Center, or for each Market via Partner Center > Customize > Markets > [Market Name] > Sales & Success Center.

Here you’ll see a blank Snapshot Report where you can select the sections you'd like to edit.

Keep in mind that your salespeople will still have the power to enable sections that are disabled by default and edit the marketing messages for each section.


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  • Avatar
    Anthony Muhaluk

    Ryan in Support helped me with this and gave me a few of the initial steps to take which were not mentioned in this article:
    Go to the Sales Tool
    Go to the "Salespeople" sub-tab
    Impersonate the assigned Salesperson.
    Click the SnapShot icon for the prospect account
    Then start with the directions at the beginning of this article.
    Thanks Ryan!

  • Avatar
    Ryan Holaday

    Glad to help out, Anthony!

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