What is Master Key and how do I get access?

Master Key is a Google Chrome extension that saves your digital agency time! This extension allows digital agencies to securely log into listing and review sources with the click of a button.

First, install the Master Key Chrome extension. Next, obtain the client’s username and password for a source and enter it into the Account Settings section. Afterwards, any Visibility or Review task for that source will show the credentials on the right (similar to before). Below these credentials, select the Sign In button. Concierge will automatically open the third-party's login screen in an incognito window, auto-fills the credentials and logs into the source.

The fine details:

  • As this is a Google Chrome extension for desktop computers, your digital agency must be using the Chrome web browser to utilize it.
  • When you first click Sign In, you will be prompted to allow the extension to run in incognito mode and then refresh the page. You must do this for the extension to work as intended.
  • This extension is compatible with Concierge only.

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