How do I know which accounts have connected social accounts?

How to tell what Social Profiles are authenticated

The colored social media icons beside each location indicates which social profiles have been authenticated in the platform. The grey icons indicate which social profiles have not been authenticated or have been disconnected. 


Knowing the actual number of Profiles you are posting to

You can choose which locations will publish your post by clicking the check-boxes beside each location.

As you choose which locations to post to, the counter found below the location list will show the total number of social media profiles for each site. If multiple locations are connected to the same social media account, the post will only be published once. In this case, if you deselect one location, the count will remain the same.


Authentication Issues

In the bottom right of the Select Locations box,you will see a Red Exclamation Icon if any of the Social Profiles for the Location you have selected require re-authentication. You post, if sent will not go out to these locations.

There will be a red crossed out circle over the icon for a Social Profile if it requires re-authentication.


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