How do I migrate to vSSO?

To successfully migrate from Legacy SSO to vSSO, you will need to:

  • First contact Vendasta Support at, indicating your intention to migrate.
  • Set up new user-facing links for users to access additional products (Listing Builder and/or Social Marketing).
  • Update your Authorization URL, Validation URL and redirect parameters:
    • Change ssoToken and ssoTicket (camelcase format) parameters to sso_token and sso_ticket (snakecase format). Note: The sso_token parameter is still optional.
    • Add product_id parameters for each respective product.
  • Change your 302 Redirect from <nextUrl> to <next>

If your existing system allows user access to a Reputation Management login page without first sending a request to a partner-side Authorization URL, you will also be required to implement the following authorization steps:

  • Create an Authorization URL.
  • Send the new Authorization URL via email to your Vendasta Support contact.
  • Change all user access requests to query the Authorization URL first.

Depending on your existing SSO setup, you may need to complete additional steps.

Please contact for more information.


Last Updated by Dallas B Nov 24th 2017


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