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    Tony Roland

    Ugh. The Unbranded Brochure is not Unbranded. The link says Vandasta. I thought I could change the name of the link but there is no redirect so it still says Vandasta in the address bar.

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    Nolan Cline

    Hello Tony,

    The Brochure itself is unbranded. Unlike our unbranded videos which some partners don't have the capabilities to edit and customize themselves, we provide most of our unbranded documentation in a number of common formats so that you may download them, and brand them for yourself! They are not designed to be dynamically linked to as with the embed code from the videos.

    Thanks for your question!

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    Tony Roland

    Hey Nolan,
    I was pointing out that the link to the images is branded. No problem, I did a screen capture, and will post the images on a cloud based slide share.

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    Nolan Cline


    That link is meant as an example only, that way you can customize what you choose to display there depending on how you want to slant things :)

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    Barb McGrath

    Ahh, the image is the US. Where is Canada?!

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    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Barb,

    Canadian versions have been added and updated above.


    Megan Wingate
    Product Marketing Specialist

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