What is the Product Catalog in Business Center?

When a Business Center user logs in, and if they don’t have all of the products that you offer, then they will see any inactive products under the Product Catalog heading. This can include Reputation Management, Social Marketing, and any products or services you have added to the Product Catalog. If a Business Center user clicks on one of the inactive products, they will see a marketing message about that product. At that time, a Hot Account email will also be sent to the account's assigned salesperson, notifying the salesperson about the upsell opportunity.


 Adding Products to the Catalog

To begin using the Product Catalog, head to Partner Central and click the Products tab. If you don't have access to the Products tab, please contact your administrator. 

Click on Add Custom Product and begin filling in the form adding as much information as possible. Once finished, you can preview your Product before publishing it. 

If you have a login page you would like your clients to access to view the product, you can enter it into the Sign-In URL field. Alternatively, if each client has a different URL that they would access, select the Account-Specific Landing Page option. This will allow you to enter in a URL once you activate the product on a particular account. 

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