Getting Started Guide & Training Video Playlist

New partner? We've got you covered!

Learns the basics of Vendasta in this overview video series. 

See the below PDF which covers everything you need to know to get your platform set up and your team trained.

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  • Avatar
    Charone Monday

    Your videos are not playing back correctly. I can hear the audio but no video. Once the video gets near the end, and if I paused it and then restarted, sometimes the video will come in.

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Support

    Hi Charone! Sorry to hear you're experiencing technical difficulties. Things look good from our end. Double-check to see if your web browser is 100% up to date. I also suggest using Google Chrome for accessing anything Vendasta related.

    Due to some limitations with our video player provider, we cannot guarantee a smooth experience on mobile devices running iOS or Android. Sorry about that!

    If none of these solutions work for you, you can check out individual articles for each video in our Knowledge Base.

    Thanks for reaching out!

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    Samy El Ghoul

    are these prices still accurate?

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Support

    Hi Samy,
    We have increased our rates for 2017. This has now been updated everywhere. Apologies for the confusion. Your Success Manager can review with you in more detail!

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