Can I see statistics on campaigns I’ve run?

Within the Overview sub-tab of the Sales section, you can view a convenient summary of analytics for all Campaigns. Here you can discover the:

  • Number of accounts currently in a Campaign
  • Number of total sales opportunities
  • Number of currently hot leads
  • Total amount of revenue generated
  • Average open and click-through rates
  • Sales status overview, including reasons why a sale was lost.

An example of the Overview tab:

In the Campaigns tab, you can select a campaign to view detailed statistics. Within the Campaign Details screen, you can select a date range from the calendar to see all activity for that time frame, including:

  • Number of accounts currently in a campaign
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates

An example of the Campaign Details screen:

In order to ensure your campaign stats are accurate, ensure that your salespeople are updating the Sales Status of their accounts.

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